Only The Blind Deserve

by Buitre

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normally i wouldnt ask for money, but im dirty broke. all the song titles are places i used to get drunk at and squat with my buddies. gritty folk with some minor punky influence, enjoy i guess. i think the person this ep is for(i guess?) knows who they are. recorded with a guitar hero mic in my bedroom, so i guess you can tell how good its gonna be.


released April 3, 2014

christian - guitar, vox, emotional support




Buitre Glendale, Arizona

Aggressive punky folk and strange experimental folk hailing from the the urban necropolis of Phoenix, Arizona and it's barren suburbs. Dry, dead, and blunt, just like the Sonora.

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Track Name: Tempe Town Lake
hey dad, i tried. sorry im not the man you wanted me to be. i tried.

the fireworks were fun. thats all i have to say.
Track Name: McDowell Road Fairgrounds
its 3 am, its valentines day, im drunk on the pavement. you're gone.

p.s. i cant believe they didnt card you savannah, getting drunk on valentines day with someone i had just met was pretty awesome.

p.s.p.s. thanks for the subway jayde
Track Name: 64th Plaza Parking Lot
remember the big rich wall aaron? we were smashed, i think caleb would've died if we left him face down on the pavement.
Track Name: The Liquor Store on 49th and Thunderbird
remember that guy that tried to get us to pay him twenty for some smokes? yea so do i
Track Name: 75th and Bell (I'm sorry)
people dont always get what they deserve, cause if you deserve better you'll get worse, and if you deserve worse you'll get better.

i miss you