Teenage Anarchism and Other Tales From The Parking Lot

by Buitre

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welcome to glendale and enjoy your stay!

just some songs that'll be on an upcoming (not terribly recorded) full length


released April 7, 2014

christian benson - guitar/vox/emotional support




Buitre Glendale, Arizona

Aggressive punky folk and strange experimental folk hailing from the the urban necropolis of Phoenix, Arizona and it's barren suburbs. Dry, dead, and blunt, just like the Sonora.

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Track Name: Re: Love
kinda blunt and overused, but thats the way it is

why do i still want you after what you did?
Track Name: Cheap Whiskey ( big rich parking lot song )
when you've had alcohol poisoning at 15, you know you're gonna go places

kill it caleb, kill it, we just need some cheap whiskey and a place to squat
Track Name: Who's House Is This Again?
vern, i hate you. you still owe me 30$

"so this is what im missing out on, cheap meaningless sex and stupid drinking games, blowing your last six bucks on whiskey and hoping youll get blown, well i think i got herpes from sharing her cigarette, and you got a rash from sticking your dick in it, and that chick from the apartments is staring at the smack addict, but its just a fucking party right?"
Track Name: Natural American Spirit
all natural no additives organic lung cancer and emphysema
Track Name: Railroad Track Waltz ( thomas' song )
59th and glendale behind la perla, thats the place man.
Track Name: Re:Re: Love ( last song! )
life starts now, wait, give me a second.

eleseah, josh, jessie, aaron, caleb, bri, thomas, gabi, chloe, bowen, alex, tony, ricky, lia, im not okay. im never okay, but you guys say some of the best things. i hope ill meet you in the end.