Tent City Smog (Buitre Part)

by Buitre

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my half of a split tape with Songs Lacking Talent

keep an eye on (songslackingtalent.bandcamp.com) fer his part

RECORDED AT: Anti-Material, thanks fer bein fuckin ace guys


released September 8, 2014

christian(gypsy g momma), guitar, vox
issai, gang vocalz
korey, gang vocalz, recording




Buitre Glendale, Arizona

Aggressive punky folk and strange experimental folk hailing from the the urban necropolis of Phoenix, Arizona and it's barren suburbs. Dry, dead, and blunt, just like the Sonora.

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Track Name: Oregon Sounds Pretty Alright
I wasted all last year being drunk and fallin in love, only to get my fucking face burnt off, but that's okay cause I liked the way it burned, but we didn't burn, we faded out, and I miss you and I know you don't even fucking care about me, but you're fucking awesome Gabi, I'm happy to be alive and I like the way that misery feels.
Track Name: Who's House Is This Again?
So this is what I'm missing out on,
Cheap meaningless sex and stupid drinking games,
Blowing your last six bucks on whiskey,
And hoping to get blown,

I think I got herpes from sharing a cigarette,
And you got a rash from putting your dick in it,

But it's just a fuckin party right?
Track Name: Big Rich Parking Lot Song (cheap whiskey!)
Got two forties of old mickeys, 48 ounces of 211, goddamn are we about to have some jolly old fun, just need some cheap whiskey, and a place to squat,

Guess my teachers didn't teach me that binging is taught, or maybe it's just some inherited alcoholic curse,

I don't actually care cause I know you got more bottles in your purse. Let's get wasted and laugh at rich kids.
Track Name: Natural American Spirit
Smoke more than a machine gun, this is my idea of fun, dragging cancer into my lungs, cause one day this will sort itself out.

But I don't actually fuckin care, cause we're all gonna die alone, and no one is gonna hold you when you're cold, tell you its okay and you're safe now,

Cause they'll just stab you in the heart with a spoon and burn you with the cigarette they bummed off you,

I need to get a life.
Track Name: Re:Re:Re: Love
Let's get drunk and smash shit up it's saturday night! Another terrible saturday night, like every saturday night. And every friday night. But I think we're all hard enough to tag the cop car, or maybe we're drunk enough. Either way, fuck the police, we'll get through this. Tell Alan to vomit up the dopesickness. Wait, where did Alan even go?

Lia, Jessie, Aaron, Josh, I'm not okay. I'm never fucking okay. But I am drunk and I am fucking mean.

That's a lot of bottles. La Perla is the place man.
Track Name: Breakfast of Champions
No one matters tonight, cause I woke up drunk and I'll pass out throwing up. Sounds like a pretty low point but I ain't slamming tweak yet, so there's that. And who doesn't enjoy five drinks at five AM every now and then? After all it's the breakfast of champions.

I'm wasted, get wasted with me.
Track Name: 8th St and Garfield (the dope den song)
My summers are filled with the booze that's tricklin down my throat and I wish I had a big fucking boat among other inecessities I don't need to maintain my sickeningly sweet dopesick sobriety.

Life is just a series of unfortunate events, but that's alright, cause I'm gettin fucking shitfaced tonight.

I got my greens and blacks and damn do I know how to relax throw me a carton and I'll be your best friend, there's forties in the garden, tinfoil in the kitchen, it smells like barbeque chicken.

Life is just a series of unfortunate events, but that's alright, cause I'm gettin fucking strung out tonight.
Track Name: Underage Binging Anthem In The Key of 211
Fuck the police, mostly cause I want to drink in peace. Let me kill my own brain cells or whatever the fuck is in my head. I don't really care cause I'm pretty sure I'd be better off dead, but hell, being drunk is pretty close to being dead. Cause when you're drunk you don't fucking care, and I don't fucking care.